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Child Safety Company uKnowKids Releases The Truth About Teen Sexting Infographic

Arlington, Virginia (PRWEB) July 26, 2012

uKnowKids, a leading child safety company announced today the release of The Truth About Teen Sexting the second of a series of infographics that addresses the rising number of sexting incidents among teenagers. The results show that sexting is a growing problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Internet and Mobile Safety expert Tim Woda stated 22% of teen girls and 18% of teen boys have sexted nude or semi-nude photos of themselves.

As part of its commitment to keeping children safe and update parents with pertinent information, uKnowKids has designed a campaign to inform parents of the importance of teaching teenagers the major repercussions that come with sexting. Woda wants to ensure that teenagers understand that if they are caught sexting, they may be charged with production, distribution and/or possession of child pornographyall federal crimes.

uKnow Kids provides the following tips on sexting for parents:

Talk about ramifications: Make sure the child understands that sexting as a minor is a federal crime and that he/she can be prosecuted. The ramifications are severe and can ruin their future whether its applying to college or a job.

Talk about peer pressure: There is peer pressure everywhere but its important for parents to teach their children on how to deal with the situation. Just because it sounds cool doesnt mean it really is. There is nothing cool about ending up on the sex offenders list.

Talk about self-esteem: Both teenage boys and girls have self-esteem issues as they are growing up so it is imperative that parents discuss that its alright to be a little unsure of themselves but sexting is not the answer to coming out of their shell.

Talk about their image: Parents need to teach their children about sending out a positive image of themselves. A childs reputation will stay with them forever.

Use a Parental Intelligence System: It is the parents job to make sure to keep their child safe and the only way to do that is to monitor their phone calls, text messages, and social media sites. Its important to stop any situation before it becomes a catastrophe.

To help establish child safety this coming school year, uKnowKids will be featuring a new infographic each month. Stay tuned for our next infographic on Internet Predators.

Please note that website bloggers can copy the infographic onto their own site to share with friends and readers by downloading here


About uKnow.com

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Arlington, VA., uKnow.com is the only company that offers a parental intelligence system available for both private-label and consumer use. The company powers the worlds leading Parental Intelligence Systems including uKnowKids.com, KidSafe.me, SafeCyberKids.com, SocialFirefly.com, aBeanstalk.com, MySocialScout.net, and p911Safety.com, among others.

uKnow.com works with companies and organizations to help parents protect their kids from child predators, sexting, and cyberbullying with a special focus on social networks and mobile phone. uKnow.coms technology provides parents with a birds eye view of what is going on in their childs digital world so that they can keep their finger on the pulse, and when necessary, take action to protect the safety and privacy of their kids. You can find uKnow.com on Twitter at twitter.com/uKnow_com, on Facebook at facebook.com/uKnow.com, and on their Parenting Blog.

Tuesday, May 14: A Night for Moms and Teen Girls to Talk About What it Means to be a Woman in Today’s World

Tenafly, NJ (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

Better Way Moms founder, Sarah Walton, and Get Smart Coach, Stephanie Licata, have joined forces to create Better Get Smart, a unique combination of coaching for women of all ages.

With the hustle of Social Media, the Lean In movement, texting (and sexting!), college applications, sports, finals and friends, it’s easy for women to forget to stop and take a moment to remember what truly matters.

This special one-time event will offer solid tips, tools and insight about how to remain empowered and focused in today’s over-scheduled and demanding life. Participants will set meaningful goals that are important to them.


The evening will begin as one group before separating into different rooms. The daughters, led by Stephanie, will GET SMART about facing the daily challenges of school, relationships, goals, clubs and womanhood with strength, determination and feminine power.


Moms, led by Sarah, will participate in a discussion about the woman behind the Mom, leading by example, and finding a BETTER WAY to manage busy lives while dusting off dreams and passions that may have been forgotten during the journey in motherhood.

Better Get Smart promises that each participant will leave the evening with new insights into how to manage it all, with style, grace and spunk.

Early bird price is $ 40 per person now through May 5th. ($ 45/person thereafter, $ 50/person at the door).

*Please note, this event is for women and girls age 13 and up. Moms and daughters are encouraged to come together, but may come separately.

For more information call 201-632-3090 or email info(at)bettergetsmart(dot)com

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